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Our belief is simple: you don't have to be a famous celebrity to have a life worth documenting. That's why we created WikiBios, a place where your friends become the storytellers of your life. To discover all that the world of WikiBios has to offer, get started here:New To WikiBios?

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While you can do many things to fill out and customize your WikiBio, the only thing that you can't do is write it on your own. That's why the wiki section is designed to be filled out others, as we think that you’ll like seeing your life through the eyes of your friends and family. To learn more about how it all works, please read our FAQ and view an example. To jump right in, create a WikiBio for yourself or a friend now!

WikiBios has new features! You can now connect with other WikiBios users by networking with friends and joining groups. Also, be sure to customize the look of your WikiBio by creating your own WikiBios Skins for yourself or your groups. You can also now add photo albums to your WikiBio! Finally, you can earn points by using the site that will allow you to improve your status within the community and move you up in our new rankings (located on the sidebar). Check out our "Getting Started" page for details on these and other upcoming features.

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