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What is is a revolutionary project that revolves around the idea that everyone in the world, no matter who they are, has a unique and interesting story that deserves to be told. We aim to create a database of biographies for everyone in the world, as told by those who know them best.

How does it work?

Each WikiBio contains basic information about the person (name, hometown, place of birth, birthday, and a picture) and a large wiki where people can write about them. A wiki is a text area that can be edited by anyone who wishes to do so, and will therefore allow people to write about their friends and edit what others have said. This space is for those who care about the person to describe the person and what makes them special and unique.

Who can edit a page?

Anyone in the world can edit a WikiBio. All that we ask is that you enter your name and password (or name and e-mail address if you do not have an account) so that we can link your posting back to your own WikiBio.

Can I write about myself?

While we appreciate that you want to tell the world about yourself, the unique part about this project is that it gives you the opportunity to find out what makes you special in the eyes of those who care about you. Therefore, we have one basic rule of our community that we ask you to abide by. While we encourage you to edit and create new biographies for your friends, we simply ask that you do not edit your own biography and instead allow those who care about you to write about you. Trust us, it's better this way.

What should I write?

In short, anything that helps convey to the world what makes the owner of the WikiBio special. While we obviously can't tell you what to write since every person with a WikiBio is different, we can make a few suggestions of topics. First, you could simply describe the person and their interests and what makes them unique. You could also tell specific stories that convey the person's true personality to the world. You could also write about what you feel makes the person special and worthy of having their own biography. If you are feeling truly ambitious, you could even write a poem or a song about the person. Basically, the WikiBio is yours to use, and we encourage you to take full advantage of it by writing whatever best conveys why the person is special and unique.

What if someone vandalizes or deletes my WikiBio?

We realize that, because everyone has access to your WikiBio, there is a possibility that someone can vandalize or even delete whole parts of your WikiBio. While we firmly believe in our community's dedication to the project and upholding honor in writing WikiBios, we do understand that we don't live in a utopia. This is why we have implemented the rollback feature on all sections of all WikiBios. Once you are logged in, you can revert your WikiBio to an earlier version before any vandalism or deletion occurred with just one click. In addition, we regularly log IP addresses and recall them when rollbacks occur, so that we can review cases and block people from the website when necessary.

How do I get started?

There are a few ways that you can start exploring the world of WikiBios. First, you can create your own profile so that people can write about you. Once you have created a blank profile for yourself, you can invite others to write on your profile.

Another way to get started is to add to the profile of a friend who already has a WikiBio. When you do so, your friend will be notified that you have edited their WikiBio and be sent a link to both their WikiBio to view your post and to your WikiBio so that they can reciprocate your addition.

Finally, you can begin by creating a WikiBio for someone else. By creating a friend's profile, you can be the first to write about them and tell their story to the world. When you create a WikiBio for a friend, your friend will be notified via e-mail that you have created a WikiBio for them and be invited to come to the site and claim their profile and become its moderator.

Where can I put a link to my WikiBio?

Wherever you want! Your friends and family have worked hard on crafting your WikiBio, and we want the world to be able to see it. If you have a webpage or business with and an "About Us" section, feel free to link to your WikiBio. Same goes for Myspace and Blog accounts; whenever you feel it necessary to show your off your story, link to your WikiBio.