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New to WikiBios? Here's how you can get started!

Create*Create a WikiBio
Make a WikiBio for yourself or for someone you want to write about. You can upload a picture, add your vital information and picture, and customize the sections that people can edit to make your WikiBio all your own. >>

Invite*Invite Editors
Make your WikiBio grow by inviting others to add information to it. Invite your friends, family, coworkers, or anyone else who you think can help let the world know about you. You can also invite editors by using our "Wiki My Bio!" graphics and icons. >>

Create*Edit People's WikiBios
Find a friend's WikiBio and help tell his or her story. Don't forget: the best way to get people to edit your own bio is to edit theirs. Use our search figure to find your friends, and if they don't have one yet, invite them to join! >>

Create*Customize Your WikiBio
NEW! Use our new "skins" feature to customize many aspects of your WikiBio. You can change the colors of various parts of your WikiBio, including the background, font, and headline colors. You can also create a custom WikiBios logo for the top of your page! >>

Create*Write Your Introduction
NEW! While the premise behind WikiBios is that your friends and family write about your life, we do allow you to write a short paragraph to introduce yourself. This is your chance to let people know about you through your own words before they write about you. >>

Create*Show Off Media in Your WikiBio
Coming Soon! Add music and videos to your WikiBio in your own media portfolio. Both you and others can add media to your portfolio. Use it to show off your unique and interesting talents! >>

Create*Connect With Your Friends
NEW! You can now connect your WikiBio to those of your friends and family! Simply click on the "Add As Friend" button on their profile and when they confirm your friendship, your profiles will be linked. Once you have friends, you can then work together to make sure each others' WikiBios are chock-full of biographical goodness. >>

Create*Join Your Friends in Groups
NEW! Carve out your own WikiBios community along with your friends! Each group will have its own WikiBio with a picture, summary, and a wiki for people to talk about it. Also, groups can create their own skins for their members to use on their personal bios. Create or join one and help expand your own WikiBios community today! >>

Create*Improve Your Ranking
Coming Soon! You can now become one of our featured members by earning points through your use of the community (for details, click here). You move up through our rankings as you gain points, and the top users will be featured on the front page! >>